Web Photo Work

Great Photo Images

Photos need a bit of tweaking to be good web images. They need to have the best contrast to be visible on monitors. Sometimes, the color needs to be enhanced to show the true intensity of an item, often washed out in photos. Many times there are background items that need to be removed, and background colors that need to be lightened or darken. Also important to optimizing an image for the web is the resolution… the number of pixels per inch. Too many, and the photo gets too large and slow to load. Finally, sharpening a photo can improve its visual impact tremendously.

Although there is no substitute for a great image, and if you start out with a poor one, well, there is only so much that can be done. But there are many tricks that can take a drab lifeless image and make it sparkle.


Images can be photographed with a standard digital camera, or scanned directly from a professional scanner. These following scanned and optimized images are of the gorgeous Soutache jewelry of Hamida Dides, from Silk Road Soutache.

Look at more of Hamida’s creations at:





SRER0001 SRER0002 SRPD0001 SRPD0002 SRPD0003



These scanned images of are of Chris Dec Jewelry

More of her jewelry creations are at:



NL0019close  NL0029 BR00013

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