Notes on Logo Design


Corporate or even personal identity is more important today than ever, with so much of marketing depending on the visual, the quickly recognized and the favorably remembered identification of a company.

A logo should be, first of all, immediately associated with the product or service it represents. A concrete company simply is not represented successfully by a wispy, romantic design, with a curly typestyle. And an organic baby food with an ultra simple, slick logo that looks like it should be embossed on a new high tech laptop… well, it would be lost on the shelves, as shoppers grab the jars with the cute baby bird label instead.

A logo should be strong, whether it be for the baby food or the concrete… strong in execution, solid in design.

Your logo’s colors should be chosen with good design sense. Remember, most people register color first in a visual, and that color will become your brand for a long time. Look at Netflix, with its own red, or Napa Auto parts, with its classic road colors of blue and highway yellow-orange.

A logo should be unique. Research done on a host of your competitors will show what they are using for logos. Your logo must stand out in that crowd, and not be mistaken for a competitor of yours with an almost identical look.

A logo readable at 8″ x 10″ should also be just as clearly readable at a half an inch tall, as it would be laid out on a business card.

A logo should be professionally produced by a graphic designer, so that it can be used in all sorts of media: digital web, print, billboards, truck signs, trade show banners and bumper stickers… and pass the technical tests of all.

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