Notes on Effective Advertising


Advertising, whether on line or in print, such as newspapers and magazines, is the most essential aspect of marketing—you must get your market to see you and your company’s products and services.

Then,  get across a message to your market that impresses them and gives them the confidence that you can do what you say you do. And it has to happen fast. Most people spend only seconds looking at an ad. Ad space can be very expensive, so your message has to convince your market using the minimum number of words and images. Needless to say, it has to pack a punch. It needs a Grabber.

The largest word in your ad, the main headline, is not what you are selling, nor is it your company name and your pretty snazzy logo. People don’t care about those things as much as they care about what you can do for them… what is the BENEFIT you are offering them. Remember, you aren’t selling fertilizer—you are selling a greener lawn. You are not selling an insulated water heater—you are selling lower utility bills… and THAT’s your grabber.

I can help you create an ad that has not only the who, what, where, why  and when of an ad, but also the attention-getting header that announces what your customer is looking for, and the reason he or she is going to call you: you have a benefit he or she wants.

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